It is too well-known that military veterans come home suffering from a variety of issues. These issues often include PTSD along with other mental health conditions. The trauma they suffer from combat can cause a lot of mental problems to rise.

This leads to military veterans starting to abuse alcohol or drugs as a form of self-medication. It can begin innocently enough but soon get worse. This is because alcohol can “help” soften the symptoms of PTSD. Of course, alcohol abuse comes with its own set of problems.

Military veterans face their own unique set of problems when it comes to substance abuse and their care. This is because they worry about seeming weak or admitting they have a problem. It can often be because the US Department of Veteran Affairs has long wait times for the help that they honestly need right away.

These wait times can make it too late for some veterans.

Our center aims to provide the caring, and compassionate treatment veterans need in the face of their trauma and substance abuse disorders. We intend to fit their needs promptly and well so that they can come back home.