At the Center for the Treatment of Substance Abuse For Veterans, our mission is quite clear – we want to help those who might otherwise be overlooked. It is all too easy for military veterans to get stuck in the bureaucracy and wait of the VA and end up never getting the treatment that they require.

These wait times really do make it impossible for veterans. Admitting you have a problem is very difficult especially in the veterans community. This is because there is a considerable stigma attached to substance abuse or even PTSD in general. Some people end up okay so they look down on others who did not.

When this happens, it means veterans may want to shove their issues under the rug rather than admit to them. When they finally do realize they need help, there can be months of waiting. This can lead to worsening symptoms or death.

We want to help those who wish to help themselves. We refuse to let anyone fall through the cracks, not after the services they provided to our country. We offer the treatment required to help them get back to a fulfilling life and contributing to society.